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Today’s growing digital age of online businesses is reservations, rentals and tickets. A total of 82% of all travel bookings were made through the app or website in 2018.

For your business to run properly, websites need the best WordPress booking plugin. In addition to having powerful features, the plugin should be user friendly.

WordPress itself has hundreds of booking plugins. Step one, what plugins are suitable for this business?

Well, this article is the answer. Here you can find recommendations for the best WordPress booking plugins, from free to pay.

What Websites Need a WordPress Booking Plugin?

Not all business websites require a WordPress booking plugin. What websites are suitable for booking this WordPress plugin?

Restaurant Website

Those of you who like to cook and have a business spirit must have thought to create a restaurant business.

Step two, how do you make your business known to many people? Creating a restaurant website is the answer.

Your online restaurant business is the right action to expand your market reach. And with the support of the WordPress booking plugin, you can offer online booking features.

WordPress provides many booking plugins suitable for your restaurant website. From food ordering plugins to table reservations.

Travel Booking Website

The right WordPress booking plugin provides a variety of features that make your travel booking business easier.

With google calendar, the availability of services can be known in real time.

With this plugin, you can specify your own payment type. Use PayPal, bank transfer, or on-site payment.

Ticket Booking Website

If you notice, a successful ticket booking business highlights two things. First, the ticket purchase process is easy and fast. Both often give discounts.

These two things can be done using the WordPress booking plugin. To make the ticket booking process quick and easy.

This plugin has a discount feature that can be set up. This makes it easy for you to strategize your business promotion.

9+ Best WordPress Booking Plugins for You

Finding a WordPress booking plugin is not difficult. WordPress has hundreds of plugins for booking websites. Challenge you to find the best WordPress booking plugin for your business website.

Here are some recommended booking plugins from Us:

1. WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Booking is an extension of the WooCommerce plugin. This extension is recommended for websites that use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Booking has a variety of features that make it easy to manage your business online. These include:

  • WooCommerce Bookings has to reschedule options for customers who want to extend the rental period of your product.
  • You can limit the number of customers who rent your products.
  • Customers can see the availability of your products with the Availability Search feature.
  • Integrates with other WooCommerce extensions, such as Menu Bar Cart and Currency Switcher.
  • You can create discounts that can be adjusted to a specific price and time.

A woocommerce plugin that makes the booking process easier and makes your business more efficient.

WooCommerce bookings cost quite high, with $249 for one website and $449 for 25 websites. You can trial the plugin for free for 30 days.


  • $249/single website
  • $449/25 websites

2. Amelia

amelia booking

The next WordPress booking plugin we recommend is Amelia. This plugin has an attractive and user-friendly look. Suitable for salon business, clinic, gym, and others.

Amelia has a variety of features that allow customers to make reservations easily.

Some of the amelia’s key features are:

  • Can integrate with WooCommerce
  • Reminder feature for customers and employees via SMS or Email Notifications.
  • It has a built-in service catalog. This feature helps customers determine the product of their choice.
  • Calendar dashboard with comprehensive reports. You can easily search for data with filter services, locations, and employees.
  • Working Hours and Days off settings.

Amelia plugin has three types of licenses. Basic for small businesses, Pro for medium enterprises, and Developers for large businesses.

The difference between the three licenses depends on the number of domains to use. If you’re interested in using Amelia, make sure you choose the right license.


  • Free version available
  • Basic: $59
  • Pros: $109
  • Developer: $249

3. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is the most popular free WordPress booking plugin. Proof, Booking Calendar is actively used by 60,000+ websites to date.

The reason is that the plugin is simple and easy to use. If you’re not used to managing your booking system, Booking Calendar is a great choice.

  • It has a responsive front-end and back-end design.
  • All your order history and settings are stored in the database.
  • Flexible calendar design. You can even make calendar design changes according to your website design.
  • Sync with other travel booking sites like TripAdvisor – Airbnb and
  • If you don’t think the features of the free version of Booking Calendar are enough, you can use the premium version.
  • The paid version provides more features of this plugin. For example, on-site payments — early payments — last-minute discounts and more.

The premium version of Booking Calendar starts at $47.40 for a single personal website.


  • Free version available
  • Personal: from $47.40
  • Business Small: from $89.40
  • Medium: from $149.40
  • Business Large: from $209.40
  • Multiuser: from $389.40

4. Five Star Restaurant Reservations

Five Star Restaurant Reservations

This plugin is suitable for those of you who have a restaurant business. Five Stars Restaurant Reservations allow customers to easily book a table at your restaurant through the website.

Some features of this plugin

  • Email notifications for customers.
  • Customizable restaurant reservation form.
  • Confirm and reject orders feature.
  • Reservation restrictions on specific dates and times.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly booking form.

To display the reservation form on the website, you can use the Gutenberg block. Or use restaurant reservations shortcode.

You can set up a reservation page directly from the plugin settings.

Like other free WordPress booking plugins, Five Star Restaurant provides a premium version. Features in the premium version include automatic confirmation of reservations and export bookings.

The free version of the plugin can be tried directly on your website. If you’re not sure yet, a demo version is available.


  • Free version available
  • Premium: from $59
  • Ultimate: $300/year

5. WPPizza


WPPizza’s ordering system allows customers to make direct payments. WPPizza offers some of the best features for your restaurant website. These include:

  • Set categories, descriptions, and prices per item.
  • Perform online order tracking.
  • Notification of incoming orders.
  • Easy restaurant menu design.
  • WPPizza has a responsive and friendly look on desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

You will be charged a fee if you need additional features. For example, to get feature coupons and discounts, you’re charged from $29.20. For extensions starting at $65.70.

  • Price: Free with paid options for certain features.

6. MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking

MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking

This WordPress Hotel Booking plugin lets you receive multiple reservations at a time.

For those of you who manage the business of apartments, hotels and others, this plugin is perfect for use.

MotoPress integrates with other travel platforms like Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor.

The good news is, that the plugin comes with an online calendar that is updated each half-hour.

So any update goes in the system quickly.

Your website will be supported by Motopress with some of the best features.

  • Integration with WooCommerce Payments to add other payment types.
  • Email notifications containing order details, order status, etc. for admins and customers.
  • You can create a booking report within a specific time frame.
  • Allow customers to place orders in a single session

To use the MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin, you’ll need to spend $79 on a single website. For an unlimited number of websites, the plugin costs $199.


  • $79/single website
  • $199/unlimited

7. Bookly


Bookly is a free WordPress booking plugin that provides an automated reservation system.

The plugin also has a customer-friendly look as well as for users. With a responsive design, Bookly runs to the fullest on any device.

This WordPress booking plugin is suitable for those of you who run a small reservation business. Bookly provides a variety of features that give you the ease of managing your reservation.

  • The responsive design of any device.
  • Automatic option to accept or decline a reservation.
  • Multilanguage support integrated with WPML.
  • Customer notifications via SMS and Email
  • Unlimited reservation form.

If the scale of your business extends, you could consider the paid version of Bookly. Some advanced features are added in this version.

One of them, you can create as many employee lists as you want. Each list has an individual work schedule, meaning each employee can manage their schedule.

Bookly Pro features dozens of paid add-ons. Call it the Service Extras add-on, the Location add-on, and more.


  • Free version available
  • Bookly Pro Regular: $89
  • Bookly Pro Extended: $990

8. BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler

Specific Booking plugins target web developers. If you’re good at web development or intend to hire developers, BirchPress is a great choice.

This plugin provides thousands of filters and functions that can be used. Designing a booking system to your taste is no longer impossible.

BirchPress has an interesting range of flagship features. One of them is the impressive synchronization of the calendar. Plugins that integrate with Google calendar, Outlook, iCal, Android, and iPhone.

Other features of BirchPress include:

  • Full customization of the order form. The availability of thousands of filters and functions allows you to perform thorough customizations.
  • Automatic email notifications to clients and admins. This includes customizing email templates.
  • Integration with PayPal and WooCommerce Payments to handle different types of payments.
  • Cancellation/reschedule of the booking by the customer.
  • Feature to provide access control to member staff.
  • BirchPress is available in three license types, Personal, Business, and Business+. The difference between each license lies in the features provided.

Caution Before making a choice, you can learn about Birchpress features in the test drive provided.


  • Personal: $99
  • Business: $199
  • Business+: $249

9. Team Booking

Team Booking is a WordPress booking plugin that provides a variety of booking systems.

In general, the Plugin provides three main services, a single appointment, event tickets, and other unscheduled services.

Team Booking works best on your smartphone or tablet. This is because the design is mobile-friendly. So customers don’t have to bother opening a desktop or laptop to place an order.

If your booking business is popular, other businesses may want to place ads on your website. Team Booking provides custom widgets for ad space options in sidebars and footers. So you don’t have to bother providing ad-specific pages on your website.

Team Booking features that you can use include:

  • You and your team can create availability plans and manage bookings from Google Calendar.
  • Customize front-end calendars, maps, and confirmation emails.
  • Payment via PayPal and Stripe.
  • Discount feature via a coupon or promotional price.
  • Compatible with WPML for other language support.
  • In general, the features of Team Booking are not as complete as other paid WordPress booking plugins. This WordPress booking plugin is also not suitable for those of you who like code customization.

However, Team Booking provides all the essential features of the booking system. So for those of you who need simple features, Team Booking can be an option. The price of this WordPress booking plugin is also cheaper than other paid plugins.


  • Regular: $28
  • Extended: $125

10. Appointment Booking Calendar

Most WordPress booking plugins provide PayPal integration features in the premium version. The Appointment Booking Calendar is one of the exceptions.

Payment can be made via PayPal in the free version of this plugin. And, the paid version of the Appointment Booking Calendar gives you the option to delete payments via PayPal.

In addition to the above features, Appointment Booking Calendar offers a variety of other features.

  • Notification and confirmation of booking via email for customers after completing payment.
  • Give customers access to the booking calendar. For customers who are given editor access level, they can access the website booking calendar.
  • Export order data to Google Calendar and Outlook.
  • Customers can book more than one reservation slot in a single booking session. This option can be enabled in the plugin settings.
  • Modern administrator interface.
  • The service is available in dozens of languages, including Indonesian.
  • The premium version of Appointment Booking Calendar includes a form builder for customizing the booking form. This makes it easy to create the form you want. Discount codes and coupons can also be found in the premium version.

For those of you who don’t need too many features, the free version of this WordPress booking plugin is worth using.


  • Basic: free
  • Professional: $60.85
  • Developer: $121.71
  • Platinum: $182.58

Time to Choose Your WordPress Booking Plugin

The right WordPress booking plugin will support the development of your booking website.

If you’re just starting a booking website business, you can use the free WordPress booking plugin. But if your booking website is large-scale, it’s a good idea to use a paid WordPress booking plugin.

Have a booking website already. Using the best WordPress booking plugins has also been. What else do you need to grow your business? The answer is, your website should be known by many people.

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