Best Free Photoshop alternatives, For Windows and MacOS

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Are you someone who is always updated with the development of current software technology? Here’s the Best Free Photoshop Alternative we’re trying to review.

You certainly already know about the greatness of Photoshop photo editor software, is not it. If this software is used in the hands of the right person, it can create work that will amaze people.

And thanks to its greatness, Adobe Photoshop or better known as Photoshop, became the best and most popular photo editing software among others.

Despite being the best, Photoshop also has a weak spot that can make you turn away from it. One of them is the price factor, and the specifications are quite high.

This problem is pretty much experienced by people who want to try it. Well, for those of you who are experiencing this problem or other problems that I don’t know about, you can try other software that can be an alternative to Photoshop.

Here I’ve compiled some recommendations for alternative Photoshop software for you, and here’s the list…

1. Corel Photo-Paint

Corel Photo-Paint

Corel Photo-Paint is the brother of graphics editor software such as Corel DRAW, but for this one, he prefers pixel graphics over vector.

The first advantage that you will get when using this software is its ease when using. Compared to Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint is very easy to use, even beginners can easily learn it.

In terms of quality itself, this software may be a little lost, but it all depends on your ability to use it. For those of you who want to try this software, you can download it through the link below.


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For this second software, you can get it for free without having to pay anything but an internet quota to download it.

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a pixel-based graphics software like Photoshop. This software can be used as an alternative software from Photoshop.

In addition to being free, this software is also open-source software that you can learn, think, or change as desired, without having to worry at all.

This software also does not require high specifications of computers or laptops, only with low-end specifications you can already run this software. For this reason, you can consider this software to replace Photoshop.

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3. Inkscape


Still with the recommendation of alternative software Photoshop, in this third position, there is INKSCAPE is an image processing software that you can consider.

A little different from some of the software I’ve mentioned before, Inkscape is a vector-based image processing software. Although it has the main function as graphic design software, this Inkscape you can also use as a photo editing software like Photoshop.

This software has advantages that are rarely owned by other software, the advantage is the nature of software that is FSF (Free Software Foundation). Not only that, but Inkscape doesn’t need high specs to use it either and even low-end specs can lift it.

This software also has a portable version that you can use on your portable device. If you are interested in Inkscape software, you can download it through the link below.

4. Paint.NET


Who doesn’t know about this software called Paint.NET? Or is it more commonly called Paint only? Software that is always present in all versions of the windows OS.

Maybe during this time, you think that paint software in your windows is software for drawing, but actually, this software can also be used as photo editing software.

For those of you who have just entered the world of photo editing and still need to learn, this software you can use as a first step in the learning stage. Besides being easy to use, this software is also available in your windows, so no need to bother downloading from the internet anymore.

5. Acorn


This software is software that can only be run on macOS devices, so for those of you who use Windows OS, you can skip it.

Like Photoshop, this software is also a photo editor software. For those of you MacOS users who want to find alternative software from Photoshop, then this software you can consider.

In addition to its ability to process images, this software is also one of the software devoted to MacOS users. In situations like this, usually, something devoted to one thing is very profitable.

6. Pixelmator


Similar to the previous software, this software is also an image processing software that is devoted to MacOS users, he is Pixelmator.

Although it’s not an opponent that can directly face Photoshop, Pixelmator also has its advantages. In the latest version of the software, Pixelmator gets new multi-monitor support.

With a combination of useful features, as well as ease and low price, this software can be considered as a replacement for Photoshop.

7. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a vector-based image processing software developed by Serif for Windows OS and Mac OS devices. The software is part of the Affinity Trinity group along with its brother Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher.

For those of you who are looking for a replacement for Photoshop then this software can be your consideration, it would be great if you also use software from other Affinity Trinity groups to maximize its capabilities.

This software also has an interface similar to Photoshop, which will make it easier for you to adapt, cheaper prices, lighter performance, and also the selection tools are better than Photoshop.

To try it, you can download it through the link below.

8. Sketch


The sketch is a vector-based image processing software developed specifically for Mac OS users.

The sketch itself is an image processing software that can be said as a professional software considering its fairly high price

With such a price, you will get very smooth and lightweight editing capabilities, coupled with its fairly complete features. For those of you who feel able in terms of economy, I highly recommend this software.

9. PicMonkey


With a simple and intuitive interface, PicMonkey hides its power in processing images.

PicMonkey is a web app that you can use for free. To use this web app, you just have to go to the site, then drag the image you want to work with and be it.

You can also start over by drawing your design on the black page. This software is perfect for those of you who just want to learn or only occasionally use photo editor software.

And if you want to get more advantages, you can pay a monthly fee.

10. Canva


Just like the previous software, this software is also a tool that you can use for free just by logging into the site.

Canva is a photo editor software available online in the form of a web app. The software has a fairly simple function, even the developers claim that Canva can create simple designs for anyone.

You can use this software just by logging into the site and you can choose whether you want to start from scratch or insert an existing image and edit it.

11. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

This Web App has an easy and intuitive interface, if you are familiar with Photoshop then you will easily use this web app.

Of course, it all depends on your ability to use photo editing software. By using the program, you will get many features and can edit quickly.

This Web App can be used for free just by logging into the site, starting with a new prefix, or editing an existing image by dragging an image to the site.

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