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Here’s a list of the best media player android apps we reviewed in the following post. The video itself is a lot of images that are collected and become moving when viewed. Videos have many formats, ranging from (.mkv), (.mp4), (.avi), (.3gp), (.webm), (.mov), (.flv), (.dat), and many more. Formats usually have different levels of quality. Those levels have the support that suits the gadget.

All smartphones will have a built-in app to play videos, although they don’t exist, usually, that function is combined with other apps, such as galleries. But generally, such built-in apps only support certain video formats.

Of course, it will be very troublesome if we have to convert the video format first to the supported format.

But did you know? There are many video player apps out there that almost support all formats on Android and IOS.

Of the many applications available, I have selected some applications that I think are best for you to choose. Here’s the list.

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1. KMPlayer


The first media player android apps is KMPlayer, offered by PANDORA. Tv. With this app, you can play videos in any format on your smartphone without having to convert them first.

The app supports videos with resolutions up to FULL HD to play, and KMPlayer also supports all screen text and music files. The app can also play videos on external networks, site inputs, and Google Cloud. KMPlayer also has other additional features that you can use when watching videos, along with a list of features including…

  • Playback speed from 0.1 to 4 times.
  • Section Repetition.
  • Mirror mode, rotating 180 degrees left and right.
  • Play Music, play any music file. (.mp3)
  • Mini Player that allows you to play videos with pop-ups while working on other things
  • Night theme, making it easier for you to watch at night because it’s dark.
  • If you are interested in this app and intend to download it, you can click the Google play link below.

[Google Play]

2. EnjoyMobi Video editor & Video

EnjoyMobi Video editor & Video

In the next order, there is an application from VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video editor & Video Maker inc., namely All Format Video Player.

As the name suggests, All Formats Video Player is an app that can play any formatted video on your Android. The app can play high-quality 4K/HD videos. With this app, you can detect all the videos on your device or SD card, which is good that you can also move, delete or share your videos.

Also, Video Player All Formats gravy has features that will add a plus to this application, including equalizer, auto-rotate, screen lock, and others. For those of you who are interested in this application, you can download it by tapping the Google play site below.

[Play Store]

3. Video Player

Video Player

Next is Video Player, an application offered by Recorder Μsic (recorder, weather, forecast). This app can be downloaded on google play. This Video Player is an app that can help you while watching videos on your device. The app can also play all video formats including HD format which has high quality.

Of some of the features available in this app, I am interested in the subtitle auto-sync feature. With that feature, we need to reorganize how to match the video to its subtitles. Other features are almost the same as other video player features.

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4. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

If you are a computer user, you certainly know with VLC, yes VLC was originally a video player that was on the computer. But now there are versions of Android and IOS. VLC for Android is an app offered by Videolabs.

Similar to VLC computers, the app can also play videos of any format and resolution, as well as Network Stream, Network shares and drives, and ISO DVDs.

The app can also be used as a music player, complete with the equalizer and filters. For those of you who are interested in downloading it, you can press the site below.

[Google Play] [iOS]

5. GOM Player

GOM Player

In the next order, we have GOM Player which is also a video player for computers, just like VLC for Android. GOM Player is offered by GOM &Company with lines on Google Play and App store.

This app has the same reputation as the computer version of GOM Media Player. In this app, you will get interesting features, including the following.

  • You can play 360 videos.
  • Easy-to-use UI.
  • Manage your own Favorites list.
  • Screenshot of the screen while playing the video.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Can connect with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV, and FTP.

For those of you who are interested in this application, you can download it on Google Play or App Store by tapping the link below.

[Google Play] [iOS]

6. Ultra HD Video Player

Ultra HD Video Player

In the next Order, there is Ultra HD Video Player offered by iJoysoft With free on Google Play. As the name suggests this app is an app that can play videos in all formats with the best resolution. The app has a stylish and colorful look; there will be six options for you to choose as your exclusive theme.

Also, in this app, you can give a password for your videos. If you forget your password, don’t worry because you can open it by answering a pre-set security question.

7. XPlayer


In seventh place is the XPlayer App from Inshot Inc. With this app you can play videos in all formats up to UltraHD/4K. In this app also, you can secure your videos in your folders.

In this app, you can also add subtitles and customize the audio to your liking.

8. FX Player

FX Player

The next one is FX Player, which is an app from FIPE Land Co., Ltd. The app can play videos in all formats, audio in all formats, and subtitle subtitles in all formats.

You can also manage or edit your video files directly in the app. The app also has gesture controls to help you watch videos, as well as other important features like shuffle, repeat, background, mini screen, etc.

The app also has a personal folders feature that will help you to hide your private videos.

9. UPlayer – Video Player

UPlayer – Video Player

For the next order, there is UPlayer – Video Player. The advantage of this app is that it can play videos in all formats, even HD and 4K, playlists, video pop-ups, video cutters, audio cutters, Video to Audio Converters, as well as cast to TV and Chromecast.

Want to get the best video player experience on your device? UPlayer – Video Player is the answer.

10. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

For the tenth order, there is an application from ASD Dev Video Player for All Format namely Video Player All Format. With this app, you can play videos of any format and with resolutions up to 4K, and the app can also be used as a music player.

The advantage of this app is that you can view online trending videos, various themes, personal folders, search and download subtitles from the videos played, and share videos on social media.

11. Video Player – TOH Media

Video Player – TOH Media

The eleventh application is the Video Player from TOH Media. Similar to other video players, in this app from TOH Media you can play videos of any format. In this app, there is also a Mini player mode or split-screen that can allow you to watch while running other things at the same time.

12. BSPlayer FREE


The last one media player android is BSPlayer Free; this app is the app offered by BSPlayer Media. Just like any other video player, BSPlayer FREE also has its main functions as a video player for any format.

The app also has some other features, such as a video player in the form of pop-ups, playlist support, and what interests me is that it can play videos that are in the Archive that haven’t been extracted (compressed).

The app also has an ad-free pro version and has additional functionality in it. If you are interested, please press the button below to go to the download point.

[Google play]

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