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So… You finally decided to create a blog, but confused about where to start? The guide you find on Google is not complete, so it makes you move from one website to another. Well, it’s just a waste of time and energy, huh?

Therefore, this article was created. All the things you need to create a blog can be found here. Complete from A – Z. So, you don’t have to bother researching here and there. In fact, not only a guide to creating a blog, you know. But, from this article, you can also learn how to make thousands of dollars from blogs.

“Huh, write so wrote on the blog can get the money?” yes, that’s right. But remember, making money from blogs is a process and not just “writing.”
Competition in the world of bloggers is very tight, and everyone wants to earn thousands of dollars from their blogs.

However, you don’t have to worry. If you take the steps discussed in this article seriously, your blog will win the competition. The result, which will come to you by itself.

Oh yes, we realized this ebook would be quite long. Therefore, we divide it into several chapters whose discussion snippets you can see right below. So, without
More small talk… Let’s go!

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Table of Contents

Some Things You Should Know Before Blogging

Before creating a blog that makes money, there are a few things you should do first. What are those?

Choosing the Main Blog Topic

The main topic is the foundation that will help you manage and develop your blog in the future. So, like home, without a strong foundation, your blog won’t be able to stand firm.

Unfortunately, choosing the main topic of the blog is still a difficulty for most people. If you’re included in it, maybe the tips below can help. You don’t have to rush to apply all the tips. Think carefully.

  • Customize Your Interests

What’s your hobby? What are the things you always talk about when hanging out with friends? What is your passion? Technology? Culinary? Traveling? Whatever the answer, you can make it the main topic of the blog.

By choosing topics according to your interests, you won’t get bored when you want to create content on your blog. You will always be motivated to pour your thoughts into the form of writing and can’t wait to discuss with visitors in the comments field.

  • Have Expertise in The Field

What have you been doing or learning for a long time until you finally become an expert? Write? Photography? Makeup? Cooking?

Choosing a blog topic according to your skills can reduce the chances of running out of ideas in the future.

Plus, you can also be more “flexible” sharing knowledge to visitors than just modeling articles from other blogs. In effect, your articles will be more qualified, trustworthy, and liked by readers.

  • Choose a Popular Niche

Niche is a special theme of your blog. So, you just have to create content on the same topic. Instead of mixing and all topics are written on one blog. For example, niche traveling means you only write about traveling.

Choosing a niche blog has several advantages, you know! From being more focused, you can be known as an expert, to the ease of monetization.

Therefore, in chapter two, we will discuss in detail how to create a blog based on the four most popular niches: traveling, culinary, beauty, and technology.

Branding for Blogs

Branding is how your blog is known by others. Starting from the name, logo, writing style, color combination, and so on. All successful blogs have strong branding that remains in the minds of visitors.

Therefore, branding is very important if you want to make money from blogs. Here are the benefits of branding for your blog:

  • Provide a good first impression for visitors
  • Your blog will be striking compared to thousands of similar blogs
  • Your blog will look professional
  • Easy to get a cooperation offer.

Here are branding tips for your blog that you can apply:

A. Memorable Names

Choosing a blog name can’t be careless, you know! The name of your blog should be easy to remember so that:

  • You:
    easier to promote the blog. Either word of mouth or digitally.
  • 2Visitors:
    have no trouble typing the name of your blog and reduce the chances of straying into the blog next door.
  • 3Company/third party:
    chances are they are more interested in cooperating with you.
  • Therefore, try to name your blog:
  • Short and simple
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Easy to spell and type

Additional tips:
If you want to use your name for your blog, we recommend using an abbreviated nickname or full name. Because the full name is difficult to remember and the potential for typos is very high.


B. Minimalist and Consistent Design

Therefore, try to have a consistent design in various aspects of the blog. Everything should be the same from the front page to About Me. From the color, font used, navigation, page structure, to the content layout.

Blogs with poor design and inconsistent harm to your blog from various sides. Starting from visitor’s confusion exploring the blog because of inconsistent user experience, to difficulty getting a cooperation offer because of weak and inconsistent branding.

C. Distinctive Writing Style

The main content on the blog is the article. So, articles are the main reason why visitors come to your blog. Therefore, for branding to be strong, you must have a distinctive writing style.

There is no specific formula for creating a distinctive writing style. However, the questions below can help you find inspiration for a distinctive writing style.

  • Do you want to write long or short articles?
  • Is your writing style formal or relaxed?
  • Is the humor in your writing sarcastic or just a dime?
  • Do you want to write something controversial or not?

D. Create a Unique Logo

Logos are an integral part of branding and promotion. Good for business or blogs. Your blog logo should match the branding you want to create. So, keep your logo in line with the design of the blog and the main topics covered.

Also, make sure your blog name is in the logo so that visitors can recognize it more easily. We give you an example. If your blog is mostly pink and discusses tips on caring for cats. If your blog is mostly pink and discusses tips on caring for cats.

No need to worry, making a logo is easy. You can also do it yourself quickly.

E. Watch the “About Me” Page

The about me page contains the blog owner’s information and bio. You might think this page doesn’t matter. Quite the opposite, you know!

This page helps netizens to keep and get to know you more closely. If your content is indeed quality and useful, get ready your followers to skyrocket because of it.

Not to forget, about me is also useful if anyone intends to cooperate with you. Surely they will check the page first before deciding to contact you

Therefore, the about me page is also included in the blog branding. So, you have to seriously write down the information in it to give a strong impression. Don’t know, then don’t love it, right?

Then, how to write an interesting page about me?

  • Tell Me Who You Are

Remember, “tell me” yes! So, instead of writing a bio should fill out the form of making Id, but tell a storytelling alias. Tell me what your name is, what’s busy now, where to live, what hobbies, and so on.

  • Tell me why you created your blog

Try to take a standpoint as to what benefits you can provide for visitors. For example, creating a culinary blog to help boarding school kids save money by cooking on their own. That way, you’re unimpressed “selfish” and intent on helping.

  • don’t Forget to Display Your Photos

yes, you needn’t be ashamed. Because photos make you more trustworthy and liked. Try choosing a photo when you smile, yes! That way, you’ll look more friendly and open.

  • Enter your Contacts and Social Media.

So, anyone can easily contact you. Including if anyone wants to invite cooperation or networking from other bloggers.

about me page

Choosing the Right Platform

There are at least nine blog platform options you can use. All offers
advantages and features.

However, overall, no one can
the quality and benefits offered by

Before going into the discussion, we need to remind you that WordPress is divided into two: and Here’s a comparison between the two:

First Steps Before Creating a Blog

You’ll create a blog in WordPress. So, there are a few things you need to do first to make your WordPress run smoothly. No need to worry, the whole process is easy.

  1. Buying Hosting and Domains

Hosting is the place to store all the files on the blog. As for the domain, is the address used to access your blog. You can buy hosting and domains here.

  1. Install WordPress

You need to install WordPress first to use it. In Cpanel, install WordPress with just one click from your Member Area. Find a way here.

  1. Understand the Basics of WordPress

Starting from the features on the dashboard; change theme via Appearance > Themes > Add New; installing plugins with Plugins > Add New; create a post on Post > Add New, and create static pages with Pages > Add New. Relax, everything’s pretty easy.

How to Create a Traveling Blog

A. Why Create a Traveling Blog?

One of the most popular niche blogs is about traveling. For those of you who decide to create a traveling blog, you are already on the right path because:

  • Traveling Is Very Popular in Indonesia

Data from BPS shows that since 2017, people prefer to travel rather than a shop. So the search around tourism is always crowded and the peak is at the end of the year. This means that your blog won’t be deserted.

  • Traveling Is Not Seasonal

Different from mangoes, traveling is not seasonal. Some people want a vacation no matter what season. Fitting summer people vacation to the beach or up the mountain. While fitting the rainy season they prefer indoor tours.

  • Lots of Article Ideas

There are many topics about traveling that you can make articles. Some examples: reviews of tourist attractions/hotels/restaurants, tips to save on vacation, how to get cheap flight tickets, hidden tourist lists in certain cities, and many others. So, it’s less likely you’ll run out of ideas.

  • Walk around but Earn Money

As a travel blogger, you may be invited to work together and paid for tours here and there. Not good what try?

  • Get Free Stuff

You can get free items and meals from endorse, advertising, or other forms of cooperation with tourist attractions/hotels/restaurants. How good is it to be a travel blogger? Can obtain goods/places to eat without spending a dime.

  • Meet Many People

Not only meet and meet, but you can also make friends with people you meet while traveling. Your networking is expanding and the opportunity to get cooperation is also increasing.

travel blog

B. The Challenges Behind The Thrill of Being a Travel Blogger

From the previous points, so travel bloggers seem very exciting, right? But unfortunately… Traveling isn’t always that beautiful and easy. There are many challenges that you have to face if you want to seriously become a travel blogger, namely:

  1. Very Tight Competition

A lot of people plunge into travel bloggers because of the lure of fun that can be obtained. So, for your travel blog to compete, you need to be unique, willing to spend the extra effort, and have to be patient in the process.

  1. Often In Front of The Laptop.

Being a travel blogger doesn’t mean you always spend time at tourist attractions every day. Sometimes, you’re more often in front of a laptop to manage your blog. From writing articles, editing photos, optimizing blogs, to promoting on social media.

  1. It’s Not Easy to Publish Regular Content

The theory is, for the blog to always be crowded, you have to diligently publish content. However, creating original content with high quality is not easy. Moreover, you enjoy tourist attractions.

  1. Always Traveling

Because you have to publish content consistently, you are required to always travel. Nonstop. There are times when you are not in the mood, tired, or even not healthy enough to travel. It is also possible that the traveling funds are insufficient.

  1. Risk of Crime

If you are a solo traveler, the risk of becoming a victim of crime is higher. Especially if you are not familiar and the first time you set foot in the destination. So, you have to be extra careful and always keep an eye on your luggage.

  1. Risk of loneliness

In addition to crimes, there is a possibility that over time you will feel lonely. You’ll meet a lot of people on the road, but that “friendship” won’t last long and you’ll travel alone again to the next place.

However, you don’t have to panic! You can go through the above challenges. Because, in this ebook, you will learn from famous travel bloggers to get the best practice and tips to get through all these challenges.

C. Travel Blog Inspiration: The Naked Traveler

When it comes to traveling it’s not complete if you don’t mention The Naked Traveler. Since 2005 ago, this blog initiated by Trinity has become a source of information for travelers from Sabang to Merauke.

Perhaps even, The Naked Traveler also has a big deal to make millennials like to walk around as it is today. Because, not only from the blog, Trinity has also published 15 books about traveling and two of them have been raised to the big screen. Wow!

No wonder that this travel blog deserves to be an inspiration for anyone. That’s why we will explore the secret of the success of the blog The Naked Traveler. So, make sure you listen to the end.

D. First: Set the Blog View

The first step to take once WordPress is installed is to set the look of your travel blog. Views are the first thing visitors see, so it has a big impact on your branding. You’re free to design your blog however you like, but as we mentioned above: make sure your blog looks consistent.


There are many travel themes to choose from. Make sure the theme of your choice is light and responsive. Because many travelers access the blog with their mobile phones on the go.

Here we give the list along with the download link. Everything is free! To see how the theme looks, all you have to do is click on each link, yes!

The Naked Traveler itself uses Melania’s paid theme. This theme has a modern and minimalist look that makes it light on the eyes. Melania also makes The Naked Traveler blog look neat with easy-to-find content.

Color Combinations

As it turns out, color plays a big role in blog design, you know! Colors can help your branding identity, support the entire content, and set the reader’s mood. For travel blogs, you can choose a combination of two or three colors. More than that will confuse and ruin the appearance of the blog. You can see for example in The Naked Traveler that beautifully uses a combination of two colors: blue and white.

E. Install Plugins to Add Various Features

In addition to the mandatory plugins that we have mentioned above, there are some plugins specifically for travel blogs that you can install.

  • Master Slider – displays your photos or articles that visitors can swipe. The Naked Traveler also uses it on its blog homepage to display the latest articles. You can read how to set it to be optimal in – How to Create Sliders in WordPress
  • NextGEN Gallery – showcase your collection of travel photos in the form of a gallery. It is suitable for those of you who like to take a lot of photos in every place visited.
  • WP Google Maps – brings up maps on your blog. So, visitors can immediately know the location of the place and the distance of the tourist attractions that are being discussed.
  • Nomad World Map – shows the places you’ve visited. Or you can also use Matador Network like The Naked Traveler.

F. Creating Content for Travel Blogs

There are several types of content that you can create for travel blogs, namely:

I. Personal Experience Stories

As the name suggests, this type of content tells you about your experiences while traveling somewhere. The delivery style is light and it’s as if you’re talking to a friend yourself. So generally, visitors who read this type of article aim to just look for entertainment in between busy.

The majority of articles in The Naked Traveler are filled with this type of content. Therefore, Trinity chose the name “Naked Traveler.” The point is that he tells the tourist attractions as they are and without being covered up. This is also what makes the article unique and original.

II. Travel Tips

One of the reasons people visit travel blogs is to get travel information. Starting from how to get cheap flight tickets, luggage tips fit a lot, tips to save money, and so on. However, make sure you’ve tried the tips yourself or based on your personal experience to make your content unique. That way your tips are not similar to other traveling blogs.

III. Place Recommendations

Not everyone memorizes various tourist attractions in one city/country. So, they rely on travel blogs to find out. Therefore, this type of topic tends to be crowded. Especially if you provide a list of recommendations of hidden or little-known tourist attractions.

G. How to Earn Money from Traveling Blogs?

There are quite a lot of ways to earn money from travel blogs, namely:

  1. Register an Affiliate Program

Some world-renowned Online Travel Agents have affiliate programs that you can join. Like, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and Airbnb. So later you will get a commission from every reservation made because of recommendations from the blog.

  1. Install travel payouts plugin.

This plugin serves to add the booking feature to your blog. Just like above, you will also earn a commission every time you book.

  1. Cooperation with Third Parties

If your blog is already large, there will usually be a call for cooperation to promote a particular city or tourist attraction. Usually, they’ll pay for everything, you know. Starting from meals, shelter, to plane tickets.

  1. Provide Advertising Space

You provide free space on the blog that can be rented to place ads. The Naked Traveler also does this.

  1. Publish a Book or Ebook

Just like The Naked Traveler does, you can also write books about travel experiences or complete tips on traveling. Who knows, your book will be brought to the big screen. Can double the income, right?

H. Last: Promote Your Traveling Blog!

There are several ways to promote your traveling blog, namely:

A. Promotion through social media.

You can create a custom account according to the name of the blog. Then post photos of your trip and include a blog article link in the description. You can also use the stories feature to update where you’re traveling. So it can give curiosity and anticipation to followers.

B. Join the traveling community.

There are enough groups or traveling communities that you can find on Facebook. You should not direct promotions because there are usually restrictions. But, you can help answer members’ questions. That way, people will find it helpful and happy to visit the blog

c. Answer questions about traveling in online forums.

Sometimes, netizens will ask in online forums if they can’t find an article that answers the problem. Some pretty crowded online forums are TripAdvisor, Quora, etc.

d. Doing guest blogging.

Guest blogging or writing articles on other people’s blogs is one of the most popular promotional practices. Amazingly, you are not only promoting but also expanding networking that will certainly be useful in the future.

How to Create a Culinary Blog

Why Create a Culinary Blog?

The next popular niche blog is culinary. No wonder because:

  1. In this world many people like cuisine. The proof is, the search around culinary is always a lot every year.
  2. The cuisine in each country is very diverse. Each region has its own special culinary. Plus, there’s a unique new culinary/dining place emerging. So, before people try, surely they will check the reviews on the internet first.
  3. Many things can be discussed culinary. Starting from reviews/recommendations where to eat, recipes, new restaurants, healthy food, vegan food, food for diet, cooking equipment recommendations, and many others.
  4. Eat for free in various places. There are times when you are also paid to promote the place to eat.
  5. Great endorse opportunities. So, you will be given the first opportunity to taste food or try new products.

Install Plugins to Add Features

There are several plugins specifically for culinary blogs that you can install, namely:

  1. WP Recipe Maker — serve to add recipes to your blog. It is highly recommended when your culinary blog discusses recipes.
  2. Feed Them Social — add social media feeds to your blog. So visitors can keep your activities updated without having to leave the blog.
  3. Imagify — Automatic optimization of your food photos so that the blog is not slow.
  4. Master Slider — display photos of your food or articles that visitors can swipe. You can read how to set it to be optimal in – How to Create Sliders in WordPress.
  5. WP Google Maps — bring up maps on your blog. So, visitors can directly know the location of the place and the distance of the place to eat that is being discussed.

Creating Content on Culinary Blogs

Here are some content ideas about culinary that you can create on your blog:

I. Dining Review

This is the most common topic of culinary blogs. You review various places to eat that will later become references from readers. Is the place to eat a must-see? Or should it be avoided? Therefore, try to complete your review and what it is. Starting from the location, how the atmosphere, price, service, to the food itself. It’s as if the reader is also feeling it directly with you.

II. Sharing Recipes

The next type of content is cooking recipes. You need to be able to convey it clearly and not ramblingly. Plus, it’s supported with photos. So, readers instantly understand and know what you mean in one read. You should also write down the exact measurements at each step. Because a little wrong will make the result chaotic.

III. Culinary Tips in Specific Cities

You must be familiar with the term “culinary tourism,” right? Well, culinary citizens like to do it. While you’re in town, why don’t you try the food? So, this type of content is also potentially crowded visitors. You can write about must-try culinary, legendary culinary, hidden culinary, and many others.

The Importance of Food Photos on Culinary Blogs

On culinary blogs, visitors will not be interested in trying places to eat/recipes that you tell only from writing. Not everyone can imagine the shape of food just by its description. It’s the photos that get them interested and tempted.

So, it can be said that photos are the most important aspect of a culinary blog. It’s the photo that’s responsible for selling your writing. Therefore, you should pay attention to the photos posted on the blog.

Here are some quick tips for improving your food photos:

  1. Use natural light. Avoid using light bulbs or camera flashes as much as possible. Because it will make the color of your food photos look unnatural and un yummy.
  2. Take photos from multiple angles. Not all kinds of food look delicious from the same angle. For example, a pizza that looks better if photographed from above or a burger from the side. So, try to take as many photos as possible from different angles.
  3. Add properties around the main object of the photo. It can give a touch of color and story to your food photos.
  4. But do not let the supporting property look too crowded. Placing most properties can shift the main focus of the photo. So, just use it accordingly.
  5. Don’t forget to edit. Sometimes, the photos taken don’t live up to expectations. Moreover, for those of you who are still learning photography. Therefore, don’t forget to play around with your photos using the app, yes! You can use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for maximum results.
  6. Use professional equipment. From DSLRs, tripods, to good lenses. Or at least, use a flagship phone with guaranteed camera quality. Indeed, it requires you to spend quite deeply. But think of it as a long-term investment if you are serious about becoming a food blogger.
  7. Don’t stop learning and practice. No one’s just good at photography. Therefore, make sure you always learn from every photo taken. Then practice what you learn in the next photo.

How to Earn Money from Culinary Blogs?

There are several ways to earn money from culinary blogs, namely:

  1. Become a dining reviewer. You’ll later review and promote the place to eat. In return, you will get money from the owner of the place to eat.
  2. Collaboration with food brands. A brand will collaborate by issuing a special edition with the name of your blog.
  3. Publish a recipe book/ebook. The way you deserve to try if the recipes on the blog are unique recipes or your creations.

Don’t Forget to Promote Your Culinary Blog!

There are several ways to promote your culinary blog, namely:

  1. Promotion on social media. First, you’ll need to create a custom account according to the name of the blog. Then, regularly post photos of your food or recipes. Don’t forget to include the link of the relevant blog article in the description and tag as well as the official account of the place to eat. Finally, you can use the feature stories to update where you’re eating or what recipes you’re trying.
  2. Join the culinary community. There are many groups or communities of culinary connoisseurs that you can find on the internet. Especially on Facebook. There, you can try to regularly answer group members’ questions. That way, people will find it helpful and happy to visit your blog.
  3. Answer culinary-related questions in online forums. Sometimes, if netizens don’t find an article that answers the problem, they’ll ask in an online forum. Like Quora and others.
  4. Do guest blogging and try recipes with other bloggers. This doesn’t just help promote your blog! But it also expands networking which will certainly be useful in your blogger’s journey.

How to Create a Beauty Blog

A. Why Create a Beauty Blog?

There are several advantages of creating a beauty blog, namely:

  1. People are always looking for a way to stay young and beautiful. Moreover, searches around beauty topics rose by 30% in 2019. So, the potential for the future is very good.
  2. There are many types of beauty products that you can discuss. Starting from products for the nose, lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, and other parts of the body. Each brand also has a product for each category with its advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Quite a lot of beauty bloggers in Indonesia. So, you will have no trouble collaborating for promotions and building your blog’s brand awareness.
  4. The possibility of endorsement is quite large. None other than because the products are very diverse. Plus, it allows you to try the best and most expensive products from various beauty brands.
  5. The opportunity to be invited to beauty events in various cities in Indonesia. It can be the best means to expand your networking.

B. Challenges of Running a Beauty Blog

Having a beauty blog is like a paradise for those of you who like to take care of your face. When else can try various beauty products for free, right? Well, unfortunately, the reality on the field is not as beautiful as you think.

Here are some challenges as a beauty blogger:

  1. Need considerable capital. In the beginning, you have to buy a variety of products from your own pocket until the endorsement offer comes along. This can drain your pockets because beauty product trends are usually very fast.
  2. Not all products suit you. As you know, not all beauty products are suitable for all skin types. So, you should be prepared with the risk of side effects from the product being tried.
  3. Sometimes, you are just like a tester. From endorse, you do get a chance to try new products before they are released to the market. But sometimes, the product is not final and you are only used as a tester to perfect the formula.
  4. Not all brands receive reviews as they are. Sometimes, brands feel like they’ve given you a free product. So, they ask for a good review of the product. It doesn’t matter if the product is good, but what if it’s the other way around? You will deceive loyal visitors of the blog and could damage your reputation.

C. Beauty Blog Inspiration: Lippielust

For those of you, lipstick enthusiasts must be familiar with the name Lippielust. Risa Stellar’s blog has become the number one source for finding in-depth reviews of lipstick. No matter if the lipstick is local or foreign, it’s all in Lippielust. This is also what makes him successful in collaboration with various cosmetic brands around the world.

Therefore, we chose Lippielust to discuss this time. Make sure you listen to the end to find out the secret to successfully creating a beautiful and charming beauty blog.

D. Choosing a Theme to Beautify your Blog

Lippielust uses soledad paid themes. This theme has a minimalist look with a neat content layout. So, it is suitable for blogs that have a lot of content such as Lippielust. Visitors won’t be confused about finding the content they’re looking for.

However, for those of you who want to use free themes, there are many beauty themes that you can choose from. But make sure that the theme of your choice has a minimalist look and a neat content layout, yes!

Here we give the list along with the download link. To see how the theme looks, all you have to do is click on the link.

E. Install Plugins to Add Features

There are several plugins that you can install for beauty blogs, namely:

a. Master Slider – displays your photos or articles that visitors can swipe properly on Lippielust. You can read how to set it to be optimal.

b. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed – display photos from your social media to your blog. So, you can also promote endorsements from social media on your blog.

c. Social Warfare – allows visitors to share your articles with you. Not only share on social media but also chat applications, email, to SMS.

d. Schema – allows visitors to give your posts a star rating in Google search results.

F. Creating Content for Beauty Blogs

Here are some beauty content ideas you can create on your blog:

I. Beauty Product Review

This is the most popular type of content on beauty blogs. Before deciding to buy beauty products, people will definitely look for reviews first. Especially for new products, they have never tried at all.

Whether the product is suitable for the skin type, whether it is worth it at that price, the content of the ingredients how, whether it is better to choose from other brands only, and such. Those are the questions that come up in the reader’s head. So, try to create a detailed review and discuss all aspects of the product.

II. Beauty Tips

In addition to product recommendations, the types of popular articles on beauty blogs are beauty tips. Starting from skincare tips, nail cutting tips, eye care tips, tips
keep hair, and so on.

Try to give personal beauty tips and not just imitate other blogs, yes. This way, your tips are unique and provide new knowledge for visitors. In effect, they will be satisfied and will not hesitate to return to your blog again.

III. Tutorial Make Up

Make-up is the art and not everyone can do well. Therefore, they finally turned to a beauty blog to teach her how to make up well and properly.

There are many article ideas around makeup tutorials that you can write. For example, natural makeup tutorials, seasonal makeup, quick makeup, makeup trends, and so on.

G. How to Earn Money from Beauty Blog

There are several ways to earn money from beauty blogs, namely:

  1. Endorse from a beauty brand. So, you’ll review and promote the product later.
  2. Collaborate with beauty brands. That is, the brand issued a special edition that has the name of your blog in it. For example, Event Naturals x Lippielust.
  3. Affiliates. So, later visitors enter a special coupon code from you when buying beauty products online to get a discount. And you’ll earn commissions on those transactions…

H. Promote Your Beauty Blog!

There are several ways to promote your beauty blog, namely:

a. Promotion through social media.
b. Join the beauty community.
c. Answering questions about beauty in online forums.
d. Doing guest blogging or reviews with other bloggers.

How to Create a Tech Blog

A. Why Blog Technology?

Here are some reasons why creating a tech blog is a step

  1. Technology is developing rapidly. So, people must be looking for the latest info so as not to miss it.
  2. You can raise many topics. Technology is very broad in scope. Starting from computer devices, laptops, Android, Apple, gadgets, Artificial Intelligence (AI), programming, to website needs such as hosting and domains.
  3. You won’t run out of topics. There must be a new thing every week in the tech world. Starting from new products, events, announcements, to controversy.
  4. Can try new products. Usually, a brand will give you a free product to review before it is officially released to the market.

5 Your blogs can be a portfolio. Especially if you want to work at a reputable tech company.

  1. Opportunity to be invited to a technology event. Both domestically, and internationally. So, you can expand your networking.

B. Technology Blog Inspiration: TechCrunch


Since it was created in 2005 by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch has transformed itself into one of the best tech blogs in the world. Reason? TechCrunch publishes quality content quickly and is always up to date with technological developments in different parts of the world.

This is supported by TechCrunch’s very relaxed and sometimes sarcastic style. So, it can provide a unique new perspective on each content. In effect, TechCrunch stands out among other tech blogs and manages to rack up 12 million visits each month. Wow!

Therefore, we want to dissect how the TechCrunch blog is run. So, make sure you listen to the end to find out the secret to success, yes!

C. Simple and Neat Look is Key

As you know, technology is evolving very rapidly and there must be new information every day. So, it’s a good idea to have a simple look with a neat content layout.

That way, visitors will have no trouble finding the information they need from a sea of content that’s updated daily.

TechCrunch understands this very well. It uses a custom homemade theme with a super minimalist look and content placement that makes it easy for visitors.

However, you don’t have to create your theme. Many free WordPress themes offer a simple look with a neat content layout. Here are some of our recommendations. You can see the full look by clicking the links in each theme.

D. Plugins For Technology Blogs

Different from other types of blogs, technology blogs do not require any special plugins. You just need to install the mandatory WordPress plugin that we’ve discussed.

E. Creating Content for Tech Blogs

  1. Latest Technology News

Almost every day there must be the latest news in the world of technology. Whether it’s about new products, events, announcements, rumors, to controversy. So much so,
TechCrunch created a special article every day that contained a summary of the tech news of the day.

So, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you won’t run out of topics. However, this keeps you up to date and readies to write articles at any time.

  1. Product Reviews

In addition to news, this type of content often adorns technology blogs. No wonder because of the large number of technology products in the same price range and make people confused. Therefore, people will look for reviews of each product to compare which one best suits its needs.

  1. Tips and Tutorials Around Technology

Although tips and tutorials about technology are mostly made in the form of videos on YouTube, it doesn’t mean you can’t write them. There are many tutorials around technology you can write about. Starting from tutorials using applications, programming tutorials, computer optimization tutorials, to tutorials on how to assemble a PC.

F. How to Earn Money from Tech Blogs?

There are many ways to earn money from technology blogs, namely:

  1. Google AdSense and its alternatives. Signing up for advertising programs is still the most popular way to earn money from blogs. In fact, blogs as big as TechCrunch also use it, you know.
  2. Sponsorship. So, you get paid to review or discuss the latest products from technology brands.
  3. Premium membership. Your exclusive content is “locked” and can only be opened by paid members. TechCrunch also implements this membership called Extra Crunch.
  4. Register an affiliate program. Some tech companies offer affiliate programs that you can join to earn commissions.

G. Don’t Forget to Promote Your Tech Blog

A. Promotion via social media.
B. Join the community of tech lovers.
c. Answer questions about technology in online forums.
d. Doing guest blogging.

What is Blog Optimization?

Wait a minute, the journey to make your blog is not finished, you know. There is still one thing you have to do for your blog to be successful and be a winner among thousands of other blogs, namely blog optimization.
As the name suggests, blog optimization is an attempt to make your blog work optimally. In other words, your blog will be fast, secure, and easy to find. Therefore, there are three types of optimizations that we will discuss:

  1. Speed Optimization: so that visitors do not have to wait for the loading icon too long.
  2. Security Optimization: prevent your blog from being attacked by viruses or hackers.
  3. SEO optimization: increase the chances of your blog appearing in the top Google search rankings.

Without waiting any longer, just head to the next page for further discussion.

blog optimation

Speed Optimization

According to Google, 53% of people will leave the website with the loading of more than three seconds. Therefore, your blog is obliged to speed in this day and age.

Security Optimization

Did you know that there are 90 thousand hacker attacks on WordPress every minute? But, you don’t have to worry. Strengthen your blog’s security shield by applying these tips.

SEO Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an optimization step to get your blog ranked top on Google. In effect, your blog will be easier to find and get a lot of visitors.

Take Advantage of Google Tools

This point does not include live blog optimization. However, by utilizing these two Google tools, you can know the results of the above optimizations. So, we highly recommend you use it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you monitor your blog traffic in detail. Where to source traffic, visitor demographic data, popular content, and more. Well, the data can be used as material for the evaluation of the blog. E.g:

  1. Which articles need to be rewritten to stay interesting
  2. Which pages whose SEO needs to be optimized again
  3. What technical aspects need to be improved
  4. And many others.

Interesting enough, isn’t it?

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool to monitor the performance of your blog in Google search results. You can:

  1. Know which blog pages generate the most visitors.
  2. What devices visitors use the most.
  3. Check broken links on the blog.
  4. And others.

How to Earn Money from Blogs

We’ve covered in detail how to earn money from blogs for each niche in chapter two. But actually, there are several other ways to earn money from blogs other than those mentioned earlier. Therefore, this chapter will discuss the complete way of earning money from blogs that are not limited to a particular niche only. All blogs can apply it.


Google AdSense

As the name suggests, Google AdSense is Google’s proprietary advertising service. The way it works is that you show ads on your blog and will earn money every time someone clicks on them. The payouts you can get each click vary. From $0.1 to $5. Depending on the competition and topic of the article discussed.

To earn money from Google AdSense, you need to register a blog first. Here are some AdSense list requirements you need to pay attention to:

  1. Make sure the content on your blog is original and interesting.
  2. No sensitive content.
  3. Your blog should be clean of viruses, malware, spyware, or the like.
  4. Avoid pop-ups that annoy users.
  5. You must be at least 18 years old.

AdSense registration doesn’t take long. You can follow the guidelines at:


An affiliate program is a program that allows you to earn commissions if you succeed in getting others to use a product. The commission amount also varies depending on the policies of each affiliated provider. From 10 percent, 50 percent, to 70 percent.

The terms of joining an affiliate are also not complicated, really. Generally, you just need to register, and you can start scooping dollars. Not stopping there, here are some other affiliate benefits:

A. Small capital. It’s even free for some types of affiliates.
b. Easy to run. So, it’s suitable for beginners with no experience, though.
c. Can join many affiliates. So, your profit can be doubled.

Very interesting, isn’t it?


Endorsements are promoting specific brand products or services on your blog. Whether it’s in the form of review, unboxing, or just alluding to it briefly in the article. Instead, you will be paid in cash or given free products. Depends on how you deal with the brand.

Usually, you will be contacted in advance by interested brands. Therefore, make sure your blog is quality with interesting content, stable traffic, and high visitor engagement. Those three things are usually the consideration aspects for brands to work with you.

In addition to waiting for brands to contact you, you can also join influencer platforms such as Getcraft and SociaBuzz. Because many brands rely on the platform to find suitable bloggers.

Offering Services

You can offer services to blog visitors to earn extra money. Such as website creation services, article writing, graphic design, and so on. Depends on what your skills are.

However, try to the topic of your blog with regards to the services offered. For example, offering tour package services. Well, that means your blog should discuss traveling. This way, you can attract more buyers because it’s relevant to your target audience.

Selling Products

In addition to offering services, you can also sell products on the blog. Either digital products or physical products. For example, if you have certain skills, you can create a tutorial ebook for sale. Or if you’re good at programming, you can sell premium homemade Apps or WordPress themes.

As well as physical products, just adjust it to your skills. For example, you’re a gastronomy expert. Well, you can make food/drinks and sell them on the blog. Or you can also make merch like t-shirts, hats, bags, and the like.


Webinars are short for web-seminars. In other words, you conduct online seminars that participants also attend online. This webinar is usually done by veteran bloggers who are already trusted in their field. Because a webinar is a means of sharing knowledge and experience during becoming a blogger.

So, if you later manage to build a good reputation in the niche, you’re in, you can try this webinar. Don’t forget to charge the participants who want to join, yes!

PayPal Donation

PayPal is a virtual account that you can use to pay and receive money online from all over the world. Well, you can open a donation on your blog with PayPal so that visitors – no matter where they come from – can donate to you.
This method is quite rarely applied by bloggers. However, you can try it if it is already urgent or other means do not work to the maximum. It could also be because you need additional funds to buy products to be reviewed or visit tourist attractions to discuss.

AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense is still the number one choice to earn money from blogs. Unfortunately, not all blogs can use AdSense because of Google’s strict rules. Therefore, there are many AdSense alternatives with looser rules.

However, not all AdSense alternatives are worth checking out. Many of them turn out to be fraudsters and put spam ads on your blog. Luckily, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because we’ve done in-depth research and reviewed the best AdSense alternatives you should try in the next article.

Let’s Create a Blog Now!

Congratulations! Now, you can start managing your blog and earn money from it. Turns out, it’s not that hard, is it? But remember, all of the tips and tricks above won’t work well if you’re inconsistent. Because the key to successfully managing a blog is that you have to be serious and consistent.

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