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On the high seas, a fisherman is feeling excited. Because that day he managed to get far more fish than usual. Of course, there will be no results without effort.

To catch more fish, he has expanded his nets. He also installed some incandescent lights to attract the attention of the fish swimming around his floating chart.

Wait, why are you reading stories about fishermen instead? Aren’t you looking to learn how to attract more potential customers? Well, because basically you can apply the same way in running an online business.

Let’s say you’re a fisherman and your potential customer is the fish. What can you use to attract more potential customers?

The answer is: Landing page.

Yes, a landing page is a website page that serves to attract potential customers. Typically, a landing page is used specifically to market a product or service. However, how effective is a landing page? Why do you need to make it? Let’s check in the following section!

Why Landing Pages Is that Important?

Why Landing Pages Is that Important?
  • The average landing page can generate a conversion rate of 9.7%
  • Companies that make 10 to 15 landing pages can 55% more leads (prospective consumers) With clear targets and testing periodically,
  • landing pages can drive sales by more than 300%!

Based on the infographic above, of course, now you know why landing pages become an important part of an online business. Well, whether making a landing page alone is enough of course not. You should also make it interesting.

Because it’s not just your business that has a landing page. Your competitors may also have built a landing page to capture the potential customers you’re targeting. So, an attractive landing page is not a compliment, but a necessity.

The more potential customers you catch, the more likely your sales are to increase! Oh yes, a little intermezzo. Although at first glance it looks the same, it should be noted that the landing page and homepage are different. Don’t get confused!

Because the purpose of the homepage is to direct visitors to various pages on the website. Meanwhile, landing pages focus on driving conversions, aka purchases. Not only that, but the landing page also has two functions that we will discuss in the next section.

landing page function
image by niagahoster

What Are the Landing Page Functions?

Talk about the landing page function will be endless. Examples include introducing products or improving business credibility. But the landing page has two main functions, namely:

  1. Attract potential consumers (Leads)
  2. Increase sales

Both functions require different types of landing pages. To draw leads, you need to create a Lead Generation page. As for increasing sales, you need to create a Clickthrough page. So what is the difference between the two? Let’s see below!


Lead Generation

Collect contact information for prospective consumers. So you can have a long-term relationship with them – usually via email.

Usage examples:

  • Invite potential customers to register before downloading the free ebook.
  • Invite potential customers to sign up before getting webinar access.


Direct potential customers to make a purchase. So, this type of landing page is suitable if you’re looking to drive sales.

Usage examples:

  • Offer potential customers to purchase products or services.
  • Offer potential customers to try your product or service (free trial).

As you can see, both landing pages have different purposes. This is why you need to set your goals first before building the landing page.

So, how do I create an attractive landing page? According to the title of this ebook, you will see a variety of interesting tips that you can reference when creating a landing page. Curious? Let’s watch it!

Before discussing various tips to create an attractive landing page, of course, you need to look at the example first, right? So, here’s more or less the ideal landing page structure:

As you can see, the landing page above can be divided into five sections, if you want to build an attractive landing page, you should have all five sections above. No one should be left behind because everything complements each other.

So, what are some things you must do to make the above five sections interesting? Relax, you only need to follow 30+
tips below. Let’s see one by one!


  • Make sure potential customers understand what you have to offer.

State the main value (value) of your product. To ensure the value that you offer by the wishes of prospective consumers, you need to understand the concept of customer value.

  • Avoid sentences that are too long

Make sure you use sentences as effectively as possible. The sentence written in the headline must contain a clear intent. Do not be too rambling, because this will make prospective consumers bored and confused.

  • Use subheading to complete headlines

As a major headline supporter, you can create subheadings. Its function is to answer the main headline or explain the content of the headline in more detail. So, visitors can understand the products offered

  • Mention the problems faced by prospective consumers

The easiest way to attract potential customers is to mention the problems they face. That way, potential customers will know right away that you’ve got the solution they need.

  • Using the headline copywriting technique

To make the headlines more interesting, you can use copywriting techniques.

2. Elemen Visual

  • Display images or videos that represent your product or service
Elemen Visual

Make sure the images or videos you show are relevant to the products you offer. So, potential customers can know the physical picture of your product from the image or video. Make sure the image or video placement is also correct. As a guideline, you can follow the visual hierarchy in website design.

  • Make sure the image or video displays the functionality of your product

One of the functions of visual elements is to help potential customers understand the products you offer. So, make sure the image or video you’re showing is also able to explain the features and functionality of the product.

  • Make sure the image format is correct

Image formats can affect the loading speed of your landing page. With the right format, the image will be lighter and nice to look at. Visit the following article to choose the right image format for your website.

  • Use effective color combinations

Visual elements are not limited to the images or videos you use only. You also need to pay attention to the color combination of your website’s overall design, especially in the background. To learn how to determine effective colors for website design.

3. Call-to-Action

  • Make sure the CTA gives clear instructions

The purpose of the CTA is to direct potential consumers to do something. So, make sure the CTA uses clear verbs. As in the example above, the CTA begins with the word “Message”.

  • State clearly what you have to offer in the CTA

Not only the instructions, but you also have to tell clearly what you have to offer in his CTA. In this case, an example of The offer is “Robot Vacuum Cleaner”.

  • Provide contrasting colors for the CTA button

Effective CTAs are clickable CTAs. Well, to enlarge the chances of his CTA button is clicked, you can make it more striking. For example, by using a contrasting color compared to the background color.

  • Exaggerate CTA button size

In addition to providing contrasting colors, you can make the CTA button more prominent by increasing the size of the CTA button. However, make sure the size remains reasonable and comfortable to look at.

  • Learning CTA Techniques

There are a wide variety of techniques you can learn to create more effective CTAs. Examples include mentioning a limited offer or placing the button in the right position.

4. Benefits And Features of Products or Services

  • Make sure each feature is explained complete with its benefits.

Features are important. But potential consumers won’t be interested if you don’t explain the benefits as well. So, mention the various interesting benefits that they can enjoy if buying your product.

  • Mention what potential customers are worried about

Potential customers will be much more interested in the features you offer that can solve the problems they face. So, first, understand what is the main problem of potential customers, then mention the benefits of your product as a solution to the problem.

  • Use facts.

Describe the features and benefits of your product accordingly. Don’t make it too bombastic, because it can suspicion of potential customers. To make the benefits of your products look more credible, you can show facts or data about the performance of your products.

  • Use copywriting techniques

In addition to headlines, the product features section also needs an interesting copy. Thus, the features of your product will look more “sell”. If you want to learn how to practice copywriting well.

5. Social Proof

  • Using direct quotes from consumers

If you’ve ever received a positive review from a consumer, you can quote it on your landing page. Thus, prospective customers will know that there are already those who are satisfied with your product. This can certainly affect their decision to buy.

  • Displaying video testimonials
Social Proof

Another way you can convince potential customers is to show video testimonials. You can do this when conducting live interviews with your customers.

  • Displaying client logo/news portal

By displaying the logos of clients who have purchased products or used your services, your business will look more credible. Moreover, if the logo displayed is the logo of a well-known brand. Alternatively, you can also display the logo of a news portal that has covered your products.

  • Display ratings from other platforms.

In addition to reviews, prospective buyers usually make a rating as a benchmark before making a purchase. So, if your product has a positive rating on Google My Business or marketplace.

  • Display engagement rates from social media

If you want to show that your product is in demand by a lot of people, you can show the level of engagement you can on social media. Either in the form of the number of likes, comments, or shares.

  • Take advantage of affiliations with famous people

Has your product ever been promoted or mentioned by a famous person, such as a celebrant or YouTuber? If so, you can display it as well.

Because surveys from Google show that YouTuber’s opinions and opinions can influence the decisions of potential buyers.

Tips to Make Your Landing Page More Effective!

Congratulations! Now you know how to create an attractive landing page frame, from headlines to social proof. But wait a minute! There are many other tips that you can follow so that your landing page is not only interesting but also effective. Here are some tips you should keep in mind before, during, and after creating your landing page:

Before creating a Landing Page – Know Who Your Target Consumer Is

If you want the landing page to be on target, you’ll need to know in advance who it’s targeted for. Well, to understand the target consumer, you can create a persona.

Set Your Landing Page Objective

Once you’ve identified your target consumer, all you have to do is determine what you expect from them. Do you want them to directly buy the product? Start a subscription? Or register? This can make it easier for you to frame your landing page.

When creating a Landing Page – Place The Most Important Information at the Top

If your landing page is long, make sure the most important information is stored at the very top. So, even if potential customers don’t scroll down, they can know exactly what you have to offer.

Avoid Distractions

One of the common mistakes on landing pages is to put up too many links, or even install popups. Things like this can distract potential customers from the most important part of the landing page, namely CTAs and product information.

Reduce Number of Columns in Form

If you’re posting a form on your landing page, make sure the number of columns is small. Keep only the columns that matter. Because too many columns can burden potential consumers. In evidence, research shows that the “age, “address”, and “phone number” columns can reduce conversion rates.

Use Whitespace

Whitespace is a space provided to space between landing page components. In addition to making your landing page neater, whitespace can also encourage visitors to focus on the important information you provide.

Practice SEO

One of the best ways to invite traffic to your landing page is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This way, visitors from search engines can find your landing page.

After Creating a Landing Page

Perform A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a method where you compare two or more landing page variations for later than performance. Then, the best-performing landing page variations will be chosen.

1. Take advantage of Google Analytics

Has your landing page performed successfully reached my target? Want to know the characteristics of your landing page visitors? Well, you can find out with Google Analytics.

2. Analyze Pages using Heat Map

Heat map is a data visualization that can predict the most clicked parts of a landing page. That way, you can know which is the best location to put your CTA. If you want to know how heat maps work, Zyro provides AI Heatmap features that you can use for free.

3. Page loading

No matter how good your landing page is, it certainly won’t matter if visitors have trouble opening it. So, make sure your landing page loading speed is no more than 2 seconds.

4. Create a Thank You Page

Finally, don’t forget to appreciate the buyer by displaying a thank you page. On this page, you can also provide additional offers. Examples such as “If you are satisfied with this product, you may like product X”

Ready to Create a Landing Page?

After learning all the tips above, surely you can’t wait to start building your landing page, right? But, maybe you’re still confused should start
from where. Relax, don’t worry! You can build landing pages easily on

The installation process is fairly short. Also, WordPress allows you to add a variety of interesting features to your landing page. Examples include slideshows, forms, or testimonial fields. It’s also easy, just install plugins.

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