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There are so many article writers who promise you that the ways they deliver are the most important ways to make money from YouTube. Don’t despair! We’ll give you an immediate on-target explanation if you’re serious about making money from your YouTube account!

Ever heard of Casey Neistat?

The 36-year-old is a well-known YouTuber who doesn’t sell thrills from his personal life dramas. More precisely, Neistat creates a completely different sensation from the domestic YouTubers we mentioned earlier.

In March 2015, Neistat started posting videos regularly every day. The 2 minute 41 second video went viral and as a result Neistat gained a lot of publicity. Then, in September 2016, Neistat published a vlog about his experience in emirates first class seats. This video again received a lot of attention from the public. The vlog’s journey continued and soon the number of its customers skyrocketed to millions.

He has made dozens of commercials and short films that are watched by billions of people around the world. He worked on advertisements for leading brands such as Nike, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and J.Crew. Not only this, this ambitious man is also the co-founder of the multimedia app ‘Beme’.

Of course, Neistat makes a lot of money through his YouTube account. Can’t believe it? Check out the Casey Neistat data we took from the tool!

Well, enough talk about a successful YouTuber! Now how do you make it as successful as your favorite cool YouTubers? Exactly, how do I earn money from your YouTube channel?

Casey Neistat

How to Make Money from YouTube!

Making money from youtube can be said to be difficult easy, maybe after listening to some tips how to make money from youtube the following can help you to build your youtube channel.

1. Create a YouTube Channel.

The first step to earning money from youtube is to create an account first on YouTube if you don’t already have one. Try signing in to YouTube (you can use your Google account to sign in and sign up, instead of filling out all the form data again from the beginning.).

Then create your channel. Think of what names are of interest to your YouTube channel and how your channel concepts, how your channel’s themes or characters compare to similar channels or channels.

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2. Monetization of YouTube Channel

Try signing in to your YouTube account, select the “account information” menu located at the top right and click “Creator Studio.”Then, in the menu on the left, select”Channel”and click”Status and features.” Finally, select “Enable Monetisation.”Then agree to the existing agreement.

3. Connect a YouTube Channel to AdSense.

After enabling monetization on your YouTube channel, you need to associate and approved your AdSense account to your YouTube account. Later, there will be a YouTube Analytic feature that you can use to track your earnings, which will be able to pay off only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube payment treshold.

4. Optimizing Monetization Functionality

To earn money from youtube by optimizing your YouTube channel, the following criteria you need to meet or follow:

  • Videos must be user-friendly.
  • The content must be your original work in order to be promoted.
  • Copyrighted videos that you plagiarize from the internet will not produce anything so it is better to undo your intention to do plagiarism
  • Your video should pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been created by YouTube.
  • Once your video has its monetisation function turned on, some ads will appear in your next video.

5. Convert Rate to Product Page

If you are responsible for a particular company or business, you can make your YouTube channel an opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

Create content that shows how good and interesting the products you want to highlight through soft promotion. Then create a link on your product page in the YouTube description field of your video.

This is often done by vloggers who want to sell something subtly. For example, in music videos are usually shot a lot of certain products used by the main star or singer.

6. Selling Videos on Video Sales Websites

Earning money from youtube can also be by selling your videos on commercial websites that provide a means for you video-makers to sell your work. So, on YouTube, you can upload a teaser and direct your audience to pay if you want to watch the full version.

7. Directing Traffic to Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is definitely an opportunity to make money online which is very popular. The problem is that so many of these affiliate marketers are not suggesting how detailed the effort is needed to generate considerable revenue.

Instead of relying on existing blogs to direct people to affiliate links, try creating a cool YouTube channel and using it as a catalyst that can lead to that affiliate link.

As the visual niche grows, where people start to read long texts, you can also grow your business even faster.

8. Interesting Sponsorship

If you observe famous YouTubers who are successful on the internet, you surely know that in almost all youtube video content they always have an element of sponsorship and advertisement. This aspect they always use to earn income from youtube.

9. Live Speaking

Later, if you already have a large fanbase or fans, you can hold meetings and greetings. You may create a regular schedule so that your community can grow.

This activity is carried out in order to increase your engagement with your subscribers or loyal audience. Later, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and also take advantage of this opportunity to better know who your niche market is.

10. Thinking Out of The Box

You need to think out of the ordinary if you want to produce an interesting video to watch from start to finish, then be re-shared by people until it eventually becomes viral content. Here, we’ll give you examples of the types of videos that people watch the most and can make more money than YouTube.

Types of Videos that Make Money on YouTube

As we mentioned in the previous section, you need to create interesting content. How’s the interesting content? It’s definitely what makes people’s attention switch, so you want to watch your video.Here are some types of videos you can consider creating. Have a good experiment!

Voice Over Impressions

A tutorial means a guide to creating or doing something. Nowadays, there are many video tutorials that we find on the internet. You who like to do makeup may be interested in doing a procession of makeup that is recorded to be shared on your YouTube channel. Or maybe you want to make a prank video about how to make an alien antidote. Try to be creative to create attractive impressions (or even make them go viral.)!


Unboxing Impressions

Basically, psychically, humans have a very high sense of curiosity. This is also what causes unboxing videos to be very much sought after by YouTube users. From unboxing videos of children’s toys to technology tools for adults. Everyone of all ages loves the sensation of “opening up” something hidden or wrapped.
This opinion has been researched on one of the articles published by MentalFloss.

unboxing impression

Illustration Impressions

Nowadays, there are a lot of educational impressions made with very interesting illustrations and excellent quality. Ever heard of Vox’s YouTube channel? Or perhaps you who are interested in knowing theories in various fields, have ever watched CrashCourse?Your content can also be created in your own illustration and narration style.

Illustration Impressions

Rules in Making Money from YouTube

Here are the rules in earning money from youtube that you can do:

  • Create videos that look good. (resolution, shooting angle, etc.)
  • Create videos that appeal to viewers to watch from start to finish.
  • Create videos that improve engagement, by inviting viewers to comment or share videos.
  • Invite viewers to subscribe to your Channel’s YouTube.
  • Provide a name or title that matches the content of your impressions, provide a description of the appropriate video as well and can affect the rank because it is seo compliant.
  • Make as many videos as you like.
  • Publish or socialize your YouTube videos on all social media.

Here are the things not to do with Youtube:

  • Do not do plagiarism such as copying and pasting the content of a YouTube video into your own YouTube account. Your fraudulent actions will be automatically caught by YouTube for violating copyright, and you will be penalized
  • Don’t create explicit content that violates YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Getting to Know the Terms CPM and RPM

If you seriously or seriously want to make money from a YouTube account you manage, this means you not only need to know the ways but also know the terms used in monetizing your YouTube videos. Here we will give you the definition of the terms!

  • Definition of CPM

CPM stands for Cost per Mille.The term is adapted from the Latin literally meaning per thousand. When it comes to monetizing videos on your YouTube, there’s a formula used to determine how much you’re earning:

Revenue= CPM x (total impressions/1000)

So, we divide the number or total number of impressions by the number 1000, because the CPM price applies $1 per 1,000 impressions. Confused about counting? Don’t worry, we’ll give you an example of the calculation so you can imagine how much money you can make from your YouTube with a $1 parable.

1000 views/$1

10,000 views/$10

100,000 views/$100

1,000,000 views/$1,000


The amount of money paid can also go up when it is a holiday such as Christmas or Eid al-Fitr. The amount may be affected by the time, content and gender of the visitor. The total money also varies actually, ranging from 50 cents to $10 per a thousand impressions.

In Google AdSense, impression is the number of pages containing the ad units that appear. Lastly, for countries that use English as a native language, the CPM is higher than for those that do not.

  • RPM Definition

RPM stands for Revenue per a thousand impressions. In this case, YouTube takes a 45% cut in ad revenue generated through your YouTube channel from the total RPM. The formula is:

Revenue=Earnings÷Monetized video playback x 1000

  • Youtube Terms

Youtube requires a minimum total video duration of 4,000 hours and with 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months, it’s intended for a channel to log into the YouTube Partner Program. The benefit obtained by joining this program is that a Channel can enter a link to the website at the end of the video.In addition, the channel can advertise on any of their videos.


Through this article, we’ve provided you with an interesting guide to see if you want to make money from your YouTube channel. We provide important information about how, which you can and shouldn’t do in monetizing your YouTube videos, and the terms used for how much money you might get from YouTube.

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