15 Tips How to be Happy in Life

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Every human being has their own purpose in life. But of course, living a happy life becomes something that almost everyone pursues. A happy way of life can be applied easily and simply.

Many of us may crave happiness in life. In the midst of life’s obstacles and challenges that keep approaching, doing the fun thing is one thing for sure. There are several ways of living happily that we can do to keep the mind healthy and sane.

An easy way to live happily

With easy and simple tips, here’s how to live a happy life that can be applied:


You may smile more often when your heart is happy. But actually, smiles and happiness have a two-way relationship. You can still try smiling to provoke happiness to approach yourself. Don’t forget to start the day with a smile, once you wake up in the morning.

how to be happy with smile

Exercise routine

Physical activity is not only to maintain physical health, but also to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Regular exercise is associated with a rise in self-esteem and happiness.
We don’t have to exercise heavily to get the benefits. You can start regularly walking around the complex, taking classes such as yoga classes, and stretching while going to bed.

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Sleep well

Adequate rest is vital for physical, brain and psychological health. Make sure you sleep for 7-9 hours every day. To make it easier to sleep, make sure the room is clean, quiet, and dark. Don’t forget to get used to sleeping and waking up at the same time to avoid excessive sleep.

how to be happy with sleep well

Consumption of healthy foods

Paying attention to the intake of nutritious and nutritious foods is also an important way to live happily. Certain nutrients are even associated with good psychological conditions, such as:
Carbohydrates that release serotonin, the hormone of happiness
Foods high in protein that release dopamine and norepinephrine, compounds that have a good effect on increasing concentration
Conversely, foods that have gone through a long processing process and fried foods also tend to make the mood worse.

Give praise to others

Delivering sincere compliments becomes an easy and quick way to make you happier, in addition to the fun days of the people you praise. Focus praise on the qualities that exist in a person and not focus too much on his physical appearance. Such compliments, for example:
“I like your smile that transmits happiness to others.”
“You inspired me to get better.”

Don’t dissolve into solitude

Basically, humans are social beings. While some people may consider themselves introverted individuals, there are times when we still need one or two people to share and chat.
If possible, you can also try caring for your pet at home as a friend to make your life more colorful. There have been many studies that show positive effects of keeping animals.

Reduce activities using mobile phones and social media

Ignoring smartphones is a difficult thing. It doesn’t work if you allocate a short time, for example on a weekend for an hour, to turn off your phone and ignore instant messaging. You can fill it with reading a book, meditating, taking a walk to the park, or simply lying down.

Create self-care rituals that best suit yourself

Life is not easy and many obstacles continue to approach. It doesn’t harm us to create a self-care ritual that best suits one’s own needs.
No need to be complicated and expensive, you can look for simple rituals that raise the mood. For example, by taking a warm shower at night, applying a mask on the weekend while reading a book, to preparing a series of movies to watch on a Sunday night.
Whatever your positive rituals, do it to make life happier and more balanced.

Allocate time and sustenance to others

Studies have shown that doing good also affects self-happiness. In addition to complimenting, allocate a little of your sustenance and time to give it to others. You can donate to a trusted institution, feed animals on the streets, or volunteer at a foundation of interest.

Schedule me time

Who said you couldn’t make out alone? Me-time is very beneficial for happiness as well as the right time to reflect. You can dine alone in your favorite restaurant, watch a movie at the cinema, or go sightseeing to a place you like.

Accept the reality as the bitter moment approaches

It may sound ‘cruel’, but life is not always decorated with sweet moments. When you experience a sad event, accept the condition that you are truly sad and grieving.
And let your self grieve with sorrow. Then, think of the ways that are most likely to help you to recover immediately. You don’t have to pretend to be happy when you’re grieving.


Once a year, you can do self-reflection to what extent you have progressed to this point. Ask yourself, “Have I been happier than I was the year before?”. If there is a target that has not been reached, remember that there are still times next to try. Forget the past that ensnares your self-happiness.
Don’t be so yourself, yes.

Meet medical health practitioners and psychologists

Lowering the risk of chronic diseases can be done by routinely conducting medical checks. For example, you can check your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other health tests.
If your mood tends to always be bad and sometimes affects self-activity, allocate time to see a psychologist or counsellor.

Indeed happiness itself becomes subjective for each individual. But in the end, a happy heart in a positive way makes you more passionate about running activities. Some of the above happy ways of living also help your body be fitter and healthier.
Hope it’s useful, and don’t forget to be happy!

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