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Facing the rapidly growing technological advances today, the internet is already a daily consumption. In order not to miss, you also have to understand how to earn money from the internet. Want to know how? Let’s talk about it.

During the current covid 19 pandemics, inevitably we are required to only work at home. If utilized optimally, it does not close the possibility that you can benefit from doing business on the internet in addition to your main job.
What do you think? Check out the discussion of seven ways to earn money from the internet below.

Here’s how to earn money from the internet that you can try. Check out the reviews!

Become an online contributor

Nowadays, online media has become one of the main media that is often used by those who have internet access.

In order not to miss this opportunity, you can start writing about something you like and then register as a contributor in online media on the internet.

Besides being one of the ways to earn money from the internet, your writing can also be used as your portfolio, you know!


Manage YouTube channels. (tutorial content, DIY, traveling)

Yes, managing a YouTube channel can also be one way to earn money from the internet. How not, based on research from WeAreSocial and Hootsuite as of January 2020, YouTube is currently ranked first as the most used social media platform in Indonesia.

Some content ideas that you can make are tutorials, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), or video blogging about traveling. But remember, make content that suits your interests, because Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.”


Sell products/services online.

You can also use the internet to practice your business skills by trading products online, such as food, preloved goods, or becoming a reseller.

Remember, if you want to make the food you want to sell, make sure to keep the quality of food and cleanliness during the food-making process, yes!

Not limited to goods, you can also offer services, such as type services, design, or website creation services. Considering we’re all encouraged to isolate ourselves at the moment, it looks like this business is for you.

sell product

Work as an online freelancer

One way to earn money from the internet is to work as an online freelancer. You can apply online to become a proofreader, designer, article writer, or social media evaluator.

However, this one job sometimes requires people who are already quite experts in their fields. So, read the terms first, yes!


Become a blogger/influencer

Before deciding to go through how to earn money from the internet, you should prepare your capital first. Examples are blogs, social media accounts, and emails that are quite professional.

Because these three things can affect your image when you are known by many people. Of course, you want to look credible, don’t you in the eyes of your followers?

Next, determine what niche or activity you want to do to build a netizen opinion about yourself. Do you want to be known as a food blogger, art critic, or singer?

Whatever you want, make sure you become an accomplished blogger/influencer without sensation, yes! When the concept is ready, now you have to understand how to create a blog and execute your plan immediately!


Offer products that are only sold online

Being creative is not only when one succeeds in creating artwork. But you can also create products that can work for many people.

Examples are ebooks for those of you who like to write, apps for those of you who like coding, comics for you illustrators, or professional photos for you who can capture images from a unique perspective.

Besides convenience, this business idea also does not require space to store goods and you do not need to think about the amount of stock of goods because this product is not physically traded.


Join the race/giveaway

Last but not least, this way of earning money from the internet is one of the easiest ways you can do it. However, you have to be smart to find information. Because not all giveaways give you the gifts you need or want.

On the other hand, not all races can be participated in. Therefore, you need to pay attention to every requirement. But if you’ve found a race or giveaway with your target prize, feel free to do your best, yes!

How, have you determined how you make money from the Internet? If you have, follow these steps so you don’t miss the opportunity.


Steps to Take

Before trying some ways of earning money from the internet that have been described before, there are some preparations that need to be done, such as:

  • Make sure there is an Internet connection

The name is also how to earn money from the internet, of course, you need an internet connection to carry it out. Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection so as not to impede your work performance. Surely, if your work performance can stay in the best condition, the benefits will increase, right?

  • Create an email for a profile on the Internet

Many people may not have realized that creating a new profile when implementing how to earn money from the internet is important.

For you not to be the same as most people, you need to email your profile first before making money from the internet. Besides being useful as a profile, this new email can also be used to separate your inbox from your main email.

  • Gather as much information as possible

When you’re ready, you can move on to this one. You can get information from wherever you’re looking. Hone your skills until you are observant of the opportunities.

If you want to be an online media contributor, become an influencer, blogger, or create content for YouTube, look for information related to the phenomenon that is happening to keep your content up-to-date.

If you want to sell products online, sell the products needed by the audience, and if you want to join the competition or giveaway, make sure the prize you get will be equal to the effort you spend.

  • Idea execution

Almost done, now is the time to explore the ideas you’ve been thinking about when accepting existing challenges. Look for ideas as creatively as possible. Don’t think out of the box, but try to think as if there’s no box so you don’t limit your idea.


After knowing some ways to earn money from the internet, have you started to find ideas to realize it? Whatever business you want to run, make sure you always give the best of yourself, yes!

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