Choosing Social Media Influencer

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Every company always needs a marketing team that is able to work well in offering goods to consumers. The process of introducing goods to consumers today is not only through large roadside signs or promotions to TV stations. There are many other advertising media that can be done with a more affordable and effective budget.

It is certain that the promotional media in question will be related to social media, and What is a popular Influencer. Those of you who don’t really understand what influencers are and the power to use influencers in offering products to consumers, need to read this summary. Guaranteed, your sales can go up faster after practicing consistently.

What is Influencer?

What is influencer? Influencer understanding is a person or many people who can bring an audience or followers know your product or service in an instant. There are several influencers in Indonesia, including celebrities, youtubes, bloggers, artists. Your product will be easily recognized if marketed by influencer.

People who can be considered as influencers can be celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers, or someone with a large following in a community, including social media. Almost every influencer usually has a follower whose a number can reach thousands to millions. All influencers have the power to influence their followers.

Influencers have a habit of creating a trend that can usually boom on social media such as Instagram. They always have a unique, creative, and innovative way of maintaining and increasing the number of followers. Of course maintaining and increasing the number of followers is not an easy thing, so not everyone can have a lot of followers.

The marketing team can use influencers in introducing products to their followers. This can be a surefire marketing strategy and there is no need to go door to door in search of consumers. Usually, the term used is endorsing or collaboration.

If you have a new business, this way can increase product sales significantly. Sales will be able to reach the target with brand awareness of followers of these influencers.

what is influencer
what is influencer

Types of Influencers

Influencers themselves can be categorized into several kinds based on the number of followers and media used in conducting product promotion.All types can be seen below.

Influencer Macro

New influencers fall into the Macro category when they have a number of followers starting from 100,000 or more. The more followers mean that there are more and more people who know the influencer. With such a large number of followers, it is very easy for influencers to influence followers to buy a product.

Using Macro influencers can make a brand look exclusive and luxurious. Surely you can also understand that endorses macro influencers spend more budgets than using Micro influencers.


What is micro-Influencers fall into the micro category when it has a number of followers of more than 5,000 people to under 100,000 people. Using Micro influencers is also effective in increasing sales. There has been a study that micro influencers have loyal followers and will usually tend to directly try a product introduced.

Premium Influencers

What is a premium Influencer is with the most number of followers is Premium. Usually, in this level an influencer already has a follower in the number of millions. The wide reach of Premium influencers has an increasing impact on promotional effectiveness. It’s just that using the help of influencers of this type is the most expensive.

You need to think carefully about the relevance between the content they’re used to creating and the products they want to promote. It is also necessary to consider the selling price of products with images commonly carried by an influencer.

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Thanks to the ability of influencers in offering products and services of a business, the term influencer marketing arises. Influencer marketing is a brand that is binding on an influencer. So influencers must already understand the products and services well that will later be tied to the name.

That’s why influencers chosen to bring a product must be trusted, have appropriate skills, experienced, and also knowledgeable. All of the above factors aim to be able to convince followers, so that they want to participate in using the products or services offered.


Tips for Choosing Influencers

Choosing What Is An Influencer should not be origin, because the funds spent must directly have an impact on the sale of products or services. If you have difficulty in choosing the right influencer, then you can read all the tips that will be submitted below.

Is There a Product Relationship with Image Influencers?

The first most important consideration when choosing What is the right Influencer to market the product is whether or not the product relationship with influencers. If the influencer often creates content related to the products, you sell, then you have done the right thing. Let’s say the products sold in the form of masks and skincare.

Surely the influencers you are looking for should often create such content, such as beauty vloggers. Aside from the influencers themselves, it is also necessary to pay attention to the majority of its followers. Being in the young or adult age range. This consideration process based on the first influencer profile is the most crucial.

Before carrying out the collaboration, you must pay attention to the characteristics of influencers as well as the language style conveyed. Do not get the wrong choice of influencers, because the mistake in choosing influencers is a fatal mistake and can change the image of the brand made.

Existing Budget Compliance

The second consideration that must be considered carefully is about the availability of your budget. It is impossible to allocate all marketing team funds to endorse influencers, so it is very important in determining the maximum funds that must be invested in order to hire influencers.

Make sure you have researched influencer profiles in detail and try to send a message to influencers. Usually, the contact is done through Direct Message (DM) or email or WA. Official mail delivery can also be done when influencers ask for details.

Talk in detail about how many posts you can work on according to your existing budget. If the desired budget of influencers is still included in the calculation of funds, then the collaboration can be carried out immediately. Be sure to process collaboration quickly when the calculation of funds spent is in accordance with planning.

Remember that you are not the only one who offers collaboration with these influencers. If at the time of calculation, the budget that must be spent more than your ability to pay, you need to switch to looking for other influencers. Remember not to spend all marketing funds just to endorse an influencer only.

Create Clear Collaboration Agreements.

All businesses must be completed in a professional manner. The creation of official documents of cooperation is very necessary, especially when it has found an agreement in all aspects. Record all applicable rules or rules in detail in the document. It must include clauses in the form of rights and obligations of both parties.

The letter of agreement has the force of law, so it must be resolved carefully. Even in the letter of agreement, you need to also list the number of posts that must be displayed by the influencer. Provide as to when the payment will be made after fulfilling all conditions in the cooperation agreement.

It is necessary to read repeatedly about the existing agreement letter before it is given to influencers, because when there is a false statement it can lead to legal problems. Advertisers usually provide special briefs to influencers that are similar to guidelines related to technical implementation.

Make sure you choose the right influencer to keep your image and brand in the eyes of the community. Do not endorse an influencer who likes to be controversial, although it will usually attract the attention of the public more quickly. Be sure to choose influencers who aren’t happy looking for trouble.

influencer marketing

Tips for Finding Qualified Influencers

Not always influencers have a good prestige in the eyes of the public. You need to understand how what is a quality Influencer, so that later the product that is recommended also has a good image in the eyes of the public. All tips on choosing quality influencers can be seen below.

Quality and Interesting Content

A good influencer will definitely always issue quality posts and still be presented creatively, who stated that successful influencers are those who have content that attracts audiences on social media.

Can Read Trends

A good influencer must have analytical skills in knowing world trends. This will affect the influencer’s existence on social media for a long time. Surely not only the trend that follow-up, so it has its own trend characteristics. There are also influencers who usually only participate, and this can not last long.

Dare to Experiment.

Experiments that need to be done by a quality influencer is related to the type of post. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video, photo, or other media post. Experimenting can tell the audience’s response or response to the content being created. A good influencer will be able to continuously increase the number of audiences.

Over time, you will be able to see the growing number of followers. Observations of content experiments conducted by influencers need to be observed based on the last few months. As the number of followers grows, then it is the right influencer for you to choose to bring products.

Understand Audience Mapping.

A good influencer should always map out an audience. Not only is it age-related, but it could be due to other factors. Influencer expertise in reading audience demographics can provide a type of post with a high impact and many fans.

Influencers who are able to map your audience can be endorsed, because they will know what kind of posts many fans. Not all influencers are able to attract a large audience at a time.

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