Website vs Web Application, Choose Which One?


Technology doesn’t die! Almost everything is about technology. And one of the most felt is business. In this online world, businesses need a platform that can support branding, marketing, and engagement with consumers. Even as business needs increase. Such as requiring a platform that can process transactions automatically, also that can manage work tasks in … Read more

19 + Online Retail Store Features 2021

Reach Consumers with Cool Online Store Features Did you know? 40% of shoppers prefer an online retail store that has a wishlist feature. Because they can easily store the products they are interested in. 63% of shoppers also tend to prefer to buy products from online stores that offer related product recommendations. Well, the role … Read more

Best Place To Sell Photos Online


Do you have a hobby of photography? Did you know that your stock of photos could be dollar bills? The most practical way is to license it at the place of selling photos online. On the internet itself, many sites can help you sell stock photos. The platform is very helpful, everyone can buy your … Read more

Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining good relationships with customers is one of the keys to success in a business. However, to do it well is certainly not easy. Especially if your business continues to grow and customers continue to grow. Not only do you need to manage new customer data neatly, but you also need to maintain effective communication … Read more

Explore The Trend of Email Marketing Services


Email marketing services are an important part of a business marketing strategy. If you are a marketer or have a business, you read the following review. In terms of customers, they will most likely register an email in e-commerce due to discounts and special offers. In terms of marketers, email marketing is the largest source of ROI for their business. Email marketing has positive … Read more

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

Every month, a billion people actively use Instagram, making it one of the most popular social media in the world. Popularity makes Instagram one of the most potential marketing targets for businesses. In Instagram marketing, we need data to analyze marketing strategies. Instagram Analytic tools help you rate Instagram content and profiles. For those of … Read more

Easy Ways to Get Passive Income ideas 2021


Right now maybe you’re planning to supplement your income. One option that you should try is to build passive income. By having passive income, you will not rely on one source of income alone. There are other reliable sources of income every month. This is certainly important,  especially when you’re going through times of crisis. … Read more

Choosing Social Media Influencer


Every company always needs a marketing team that is able to work well in offering goods to consumers. The process of introducing goods to consumers today is not only through large roadside signs or promotions to TV stations. There are many other advertising media that can be done with a more affordable and effective budget. It is certain that the promotional media in question will be related to social media, and What is a popular Influencer. Those of you who don’t really understand what influencers are and the power to use influencers in offering products to consumers, need … Read more