Best Forex Trading App, Most Used By Stock Players

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Want to get the benefits in the form of a dollar in an easy way? Users can try some of the best trading app recommendations that can be played at leisure. Some apps usually have unique gameplay but the core remains the same.

Using the app is also quite easy as long as the user is always connected to the internet. So users can try out many apps and sort out which apps are suitable for use.

Make a profit through this best trading app.

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Advantages of Using a Trading Application

Why is this trading application needed by traders? Along with the times and technology, the use of applications in the world of trading is increasingly popular. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you trade with the app.

Data Access Anytime

Trading applications that can be accessed via a smartphone will give you the ease to access data at any time. You can access your data in real-time whenever you want. You can even access data as needed while doing other activities.


App usage allows you to get notified at any time. This trading notification will be very useful for those of you who are actively playing trading. You can get important information through notifications, so you won’t miss out.

Flexible Trading Time and Place

The existence of a trading application is very possible for you to trade anytime and anywhere. Trading activities have become much more flexible due to the presence of trading applications that can be accessed via a smartphone. As long as there is an adequate internet connection, trading will become easier to do.

Easier Currency Analysis

To make a big profit in the world of trading, you have to be good at analysis. Currency analysis can be done easily through the smartphone app. This app will help you do analysis anywhere and anytime. Once the analysis is done, you can know what steps to take.


Novice traders need a facility that makes it easy for them to trade. There are many trading applications for beginners that make this trading activity more practical. Trading becomes more practical and easy, making novice traders more excited.

Research Choosing An App

There are many choices of trusted trading applications in Internet. All applications offer convenience for traders to trade. So that you do not choose the wrong and do not confuse choosing an application, here are some tips that can be done.

  • Choose By Rating
    Each app has a rating that can be used as a reference for you to choose the right app. Choose an app that has a high rating. The high rating is a sign that the application is indeed quality and trustworthy. How to choose based on this rating is very suitable applied to novice traders.
  • Read the Review
    In addition to looking at ratings, you also need to read the app reviews carefully. Read the comments and ratings of the users of the app. If most comment positively then you can conclude that the application is indeed quality.
  • Follow The Professional Trader’s Choice
    Novice traders may be confused about choosing the right application for trading. Instead of being confused, it’s better to choose the app used by professional traders. The choice of professional traders certainly will not be wrong. You can also join the forum to get recommendations on the best trading apps.
  • Pay Attention to Available Features
    Don’t forget to always pay attention to the features available in an app. Choose an app that provides full features and makes it easy for you to trade. Each app offers different features. Use an app that has complete features at once to suit your needs as a trader.
  • Choose The Easy to Use
    You are advised to use an easy-to-use application. Especially if you are still a beginner in the world of trading. There are many choices of the easiest trading applications suitable for novice traders. One of the reasons to use a trading application is because it is practical. So, make sure you use an easy app to make it feel practical.
  • Safe to Use
    Choose an application that is legal and safe for trading to use. Make sure that your safety as a trader is guaranteed and that you can trade in peace. Don’t force yourself to use apps that may be fully featured but are not safe to use.

Here are 6 recommendations of the best trading apps of 2021.

1. FXTM Trader – The best free trading app

FXTM Trader – The best free trading app

The first recommended application to use was FXTM Trader – Forex Trading.

First-time trading? No need to worry about trying this application, where users can learn how to trade best through the materials and explanatory videos, provided.

Users will get a real example so that they can immediately imagine what to do and what to avoid.

It has been played by more than a hundred countries with satisfied feedback in it. Surely to start trading users must prepare capital.

Usually, each application has its nominal terms.

2. MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading

MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading

The second best Android trading application that can be used in MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading.

It is a well-known trader application so that its users are not only ordinary traders but retail investors.

Regarding its security, there is no doubt because everything is already protected by the system.

The information provided through this app is presented live or in real-time.

So that the user does not have to worry to monitor the right time in selling or buying shares owned.

The app also provides charts that are easy to understand by its trader’s users.

3. Bloomberg – Market & Financial News

The third application that can be used is Bloomberg – Market & Financial News. This application is suitable for use as an analytical material regarding market developments.

The right market movement certainly makes users get the best stocks or even sell stocks at fantastic prices.

There is a wide variety of interesting information related to finances as well as stocks.

The app is also always actively informing its users about the events that are being experienced by the market accurately.

That way users can guess the state of the stock price and also the right decision regarding the shares.

4. Go Forex – Android’s best trading app

Go Forex – Android's best trading app

The next best free trading app to try is Forex Trading for BEGINNERS.

This one app is very friendly for new users who are still confused by the stock turnover.

Of course, there is a way to use the application and also important information about buying and selling the right shares.

Users can also learn complete market fundamentals and analysis and be ready to be practiced by users.

This app is perfect for filling the user’s free time in playing owned stocks.

The right stock turnover is certainly quite profitable related to the accuracy of the price owned.

5. Forex Hours

Forex Hours application is a paid application that is no less popular among traders. Forex Hours will provide information on when the world’s forex center is opened. There is also a feature that allows you to see what time there are fluctuations in the value of the currency.

6. Trading Game – Shares & Forex Investing Simulator

It is a free application that has a different packaging concept than others.

Trading the game itself makes the user learn more vigorously with the presentation of learning in the form of different quizzes.

By deepening the material as this user can better understand the theory and also practice.

Users can easily monitor stock price developments. So this makes the user know the right price to buy and sell shares.

All the information provided is quite accurate with real-time notifications.

Users will get a notification right then and there if they think there’s something to read.

Before you use the best trading app above, it’s a good idea to learn first how to play stocks or trade correctly. After that, just choose the application that suits your needs.

How to Trade Safely and Quickly Profit

Trading activities can give you a lot of profit and make you get rich quickly. But it is not as easy as imagined, it takes effort so that you can benefit a lot from trading. Here are some safe and fast ways to trade for profit.

1. Ensuring Broker Quality

Many things affect your success in trading. One of them is a brokerage company. You have to make sure that the broker you choose is of the highest quality. Make sure the broker has a legal license and has a good reputation among traders.

Many traders end up losing because of the wrong choice of broker. They do not take into account the security of the broker and are tempted by the large profit offers. There are already many traders who are deceived by brokers, so you have to be very careful.

2. Thinking Rationally

Every time you take a step in the world of trading, make sure you always think rationally. Don’t just obey emotions because it can make you misstep. Moreover, novice traders are usually very eager to make a profit so take a step without thinking first.

3. Conduct Careful Analysis

Don’t make decisions without clear analysis. Traders should have the ability to see and analyze market conditions. All decisions you make should be based on careful analysis. Brokers will usually also help you perform analysis so that trading can run smoothly.

4. Avoid Over Trade

Not a few traders are tempted to take many positions because they want to read a lot of profit. Actions like this can lead to over-trade. But the decision to open multiple positions can pose a huge risk to you.

5. Use the Right App

Choose the right trading app. There are many types of applications that can make it easier for you to trade. Use an app that has complete features, is easy to access, looks simple, and has many advantages.

Mistakes to Avoid

As a trader, you have to do your best to make a lot of profit. Many traders find it difficult to make a profit because they make mistakes during trading. Here are some types of trading mistakes you should avoid.

1. Opening Too Many Positions

Traders should not open too many positions when trading. Although the leverage given is high and the profit opportunities are wide open, it is better to remain cautious. Do not place too many positions to make your position over trade because the risk of loss is also greater.

2. Spending Deposits at One Time

You’re so excited that you spend all your deposits at one time. This is a big mistake to avoid. Don’t try to spend your deposit at once. Use it reasonably so that the risk of losses incurred is not too great. You can also take advantage of the free deposit.

3. Fear of Taking Positions

Too afraid to open trading positions is also not good. Many traders let alone beginners are afraid to start. This is precisely a mistake that you should avoid. You have to be brave to take steps and start trading with the knowledge you have learned.

4. No Update Information

Another mistake to avoid in the trading world is to be lazy to update information. But market information is always fickle. The world of trading will not always be in the same condition. It is very important to keep the information up to date for smooth trading.

Choose the trading application you want to use. Make sure you choose the best and trusted trading app. You can customize the type of application with the device you are using. There is a great selection of the best iOS and Android reliable trading apps.

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