12 Best Media Player Android Apps


Here’s a list of the best media player android apps we reviewed in the following post. The video itself is a lot of images that are collected and become moving when viewed. Videos have many formats, ranging from (.mkv), (.mp4), (.avi), (.3gp), (.webm), (.mov), (.flv), (.dat), and many more. Formats usually have different levels of … Read more

Easy Ways to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping

If you want to sell products online, you’ll need to use Instagram Shopping. A feature that allows Instagram visitors to choose or buy products very easily. Only through an Instagram app from their smartphone. As we know together that every month Instagram users always increase. And it’s likely that your business customers are already in … Read more

Google Tag Manager Is?


If you are a website manager/owner. Surely you use Google Analytics as a tool to help monitor the performance of your website. You should also currently take advantage of Google Tag Manager for websites you manage. What is Google Tag Manager and what does it do? Please see the full discussion below. What is Google … Read more

Website vs Web Application, Choose Which One?


Technology doesn’t die! Almost everything is about technology. And one of the most felt is business. In this online world, businesses need a platform that can support branding, marketing, and engagement with consumers. Even as business needs increase. Such as requiring a platform that can process transactions automatically, also that can manage work tasks in … Read more

Website Cloud Hosting, Benefits and Advantages


The increasing number of website visitors is good news. But, is your website able to accommodate it? This question is important because the surge in the number of visitors can weigh on the performance of the server and its website. This situation is like a bus driver who forces prospective passengers to stay in, even … Read more

19 + Online Retail Store Features 2021


Reach Consumers with Cool Online Store Features Did you know? 40% of shoppers prefer an online retail store that has a wishlist feature. Because they can easily store the products they are interested in. 63% of shoppers also tend to prefer to buy products from online stores that offer related product recommendations. Well, the role … Read more